Area of Practice

Debt Recovery & Dispute Resolution

At Cathy Stevenson & Associates, whether you are owed money by a client or customer, we understand the importance of eliminating outstanding debts.

Our lawyers are focused on weighing up the costs and what is involved. We care about our clients, and the negative impact court process can have. Our prime focus is to avoid ongoing litigation, and only engage in litigation as a last resort. Sometimes a genuine dispute over money owed and facts can be resolved earlier through effective communication.  Our lawyers believe that the best outcome for both parties is to “talk about it”, and to negotiate and settle. We will endeavour to do all that is necessary to make this happen. Our lawyers are highly experienced in mediations and taking a reasonable and holistic approach. Sometimes being open-minded and objective doesn’t work. If this occurs, our lawyers will advise you on options and costs, court proceedings, and “we will fight for you”.



Areas of Debt Recovery

  • Letter of Demands
  • Statement of Claims & Court Process
  • Advice on Responding and Defences
  • Conferences, Mediation & Negotiations
  • State Recovery Office & Child Support Agency
  • Arranging Payment Plans

At Cathy Stevenson & Associates, we are the lawyers that listen.

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