Area of Practice

Business Law

Business Law in an area of which deals with the rights, relationships, and conduct of people who engage in business.

Setting up a new business can be an exciting time and yet very stressful. Our lawyers can assist you with the necessary steps. Running a small or medium business can be challenging, especially when you do not fully understand the law and concepts involved. We understand the pressures that you are facing, whether they are short term problems or long-term goals. Our lawyers understand that you may feel overwhelmed, confused. No matter how complicated it appears, our lawyers will endeavour to make you feel at ease. To move forward, it is vital to act quickly, obtain good sound advice, and rely on experts to ensure that your personal assets are protected. We will carefully navigate you into to the right direction. Our goal is to make your experience in buying or selling a business, cost effective and efficient. To complete the transaction within reasonable time is a priority. We have the skills, support and experience to walk you through the process. We care about our clients and with our commitment and attentiveness, you will not feel alone.

Areas of Business Law

  • Setting up a Business
  • Buying or Selling a Business
  • Contracts and Shareholders Agreements
  • Expert Accountancy Advice
  • Commercial Leases

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